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Cannel city KY

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It is also, however, secured and locked tight at all ends.

Cannel city, kentucky

The usefulness of cannel coal, however, declined ccity coal gas, then electric lighting, became commonplace. By my lights, it deserves its own — and preservation.

This building really reminds me a lot of the old school at Ages. Today, although the mine superintendent's house can still be seen across the street, citty DeLancy Hotel is long gone, and its site is what you see above.

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The main area of Cannel City: school on the left, post office, a railcar. Lost over the years was a train depot at the end Cannle Highwaywhere it currently intersects with Highway After the mine closed, the area still partially thrived during the times after the Great Depression.

This is the side of the building nearest the bend in the road and next to Caannel post office. When it opened in it was an elementary — middle and high school all in one.

Cannel city, kentucky

Also standing at over years old is the well used by the trains to put water into their engines. This church was built inCannek appears to have been abandoned for many years. During the golden years, there were several grocery stores, a hardware store, post office, [2] mine, bank, blacksmith and an elegant hotel named The DeLancy. Share this:.

The park, DeLancey Park is named after the hotel that once clty at the center of the community. The thicker the border, the more information.

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By the s it was all over and today no more than a few dozen people reside in Cannel City, but there are a few remains of what was once a boom town. The Csnnel work is absolutely amazing. Details here. This one railcar is probably the best witness to Cannel City's former economic importance. Inthe Ohio and Kentucky railway tracks were laid through the region and thrived until the Cannel Coal Company's resources were depleted and forestry resources of the Licking River played out at the same cihy.

Images with borders lead to more information. Of this massive edifice, only a small part — around the back on the left-hand side in this photo — serves today as the local elementary school. The usefulness of cannel coal, however, declined citu coal gas, then electric lighting, became commonplace.

At one Cannfl, the area had a larger population and count of buildings than the present-day county seat West Liberty. At one time Cannel City had a population of from 1.

I would love to get inside of a building like this, as it looks well preserved. The miners scattered; enough of them, however, to the boom town of Jenkins that an area there is still today known as Cannel City Row interview with Maude Flint.

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Cannel City School still stands at the bend in the road on state route UP TO:. This has to be the smallest free standing post office I have ever witnessed. With all this, Cannel City prospered: churches, a bank, an elegant hotel.