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What happened next? Killed me. Claire McCrae Sarah Paulsona New York psychiatrist who le a support group for singles seeking lasting, cupir romantic relationships based on shared interests and friendship.

In her case study "Cupid: A Case Study" she expresses the belief that Trevor's delusion is in response to the repressed memory of a former lover explaining his lack of knowledge about Cupid's mythical wife, Psyche. All the while, he plots his campaign to promote romance, and earn his way back to Olympus.

Trevor and Claire argue over which one of them is the better dancer but end up becoming partners and winning a dancing contest when their partners become unavailable. That's all Cupid wants, and love's main man is in Manhattan to make it Addy casual fucking. Trevor tells Claire that he has been stripped of his godly powers by Zeus, and exiled from Mount Olympus as a punishment for arrogance. That killed me.

Behind the scenes

Claire does not believe in Cupid, but she risks her career by releasing Trevor from the hospital, assuming responsibility for his behavior. But in the episode, 'My Fair Masseuse', as Claire is trying to dig out the truth of Trevor's identity, he tells a story of a professor who falls in love with one of his colleagues.

Trevor, by contrast, views it as heat and passion conquering all. Probably not, but he thinks so. Whether by fate or other circumstances, Trevor Pierce Bobby Cannavale is under the care of psychiatrist and self-help author Dr.

Shwo string of hardwood be hung in his apartment and show controlled by supernatural forces tallies the couples he has effectively united one. So whether you are a hopeless romantic, or just a hopeful cynic, Cupid will take you on a wild romantic journey as a new couple comes together each week to find true love. According to the legend of Cupid and Psyche, Psyche had jealous sisters who caseville mi adult personals her head with lies about Cupid, which led her to open a box from the Underworld that she thought was filled cupid beauty, but was actually filled with an infernal whow.

The new version debuted in March but was cancelled after one short season. While encouraging sexual abandon in others, Trevor remains chaste; he believes sex with a mortal will confine him to Earth forever.

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According to Trevor, the gods of Olympus banished him to earth with the task of uniting one hundred shiw couples without the aid of divine omniscience or his bow and arrows as punishment for his show performance as god of cupid. She has been ased the task of supervising and studying Trevor Pierce whose name she knows is an aliasand readmitting him to a mental institution if he poses any ificant danger to the public. Which means he is really Cupid, but places a humorous spin on the legend to get Claire off his tracks, which works.

Though Trevor's claims of divinity lack sufficient proof, he displays an uncanny knowledge of Mediterranean culture, excels in archery, and is well versed in all Greco-Roman myths except the story of Cupid and Psyche either indicating that he has forgotten this occurrence, that it has yet to happen, or that he is lying. Trevor Hale, insists that his is the god of love, banished from Mount Olympus until he can match new couples.

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Not surprisingly, he finds himself in an institution and is eventually put under the care of Chicago psychologist Dr. Premise[ edit ] Like the shpw from which it draws inspiration, this show is about a larger-than-life cupid who may or may not be the Roman god of love—Cupid—sent to earth to bring one hundred couples together before he is allowed to return to Mount Olympus.

The episode did not air on ABC. Cupid, A. Claire McCrae Sarah Paulson whose own work is often based in romantic relationships. Claire's philosophy on true love is that it's the result of building friendship and compatibility.

Trevor's insistence that he is Cupid lands him in a mental hospital, where he meets psychologist Claire Allen, a renowned authority on romance. To win his way back among the gods, Trevor must unite couples in everlasting love, without his bow and arrows.

Video availability outside of United States varies. While the group is taking part in dance lessons, Trevor decides that Kristy needs a makeover and she becomes a beauty before her date with Tom.

Claire Allen Paula Marshall. A lover of his is jealous and tries to ruin it by making the man out to be a monster, and not being able to take it, the woman In Norfolk Island hot girl wanta ride tons of pills and places herself in a deep sleep. Trevor finds work as a bartender, and regularly disrupts Claire's group therapy sessions.

Through the group, she meets womanizer Tom Caighne guest Dan Gauthier who asks her out as part of a bet that he can sleep with three women in one week. Though his apartment is leased under the name "Ed Ross" based on his Greek title, Eroshe is show officially by the hospital and to most others as "Trevor Pierce" a name taken from the marble inscription "…the world felt the tremor, and the darkness was pierced," on the hospital wall. Plot[ edit ] Trevor Hale is attractive, witty, uncommonly intelligent—and he may be Cupid, the Greco-Roman god of erotic love.

He honestly falls for Kristy but she learns of the bet and now has the cupid to dump him.